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Aquablue Seafoods Native Fish Hatchery supplies fish fingerlings to the general public, councils and fishing clubs, etc.  Native fish such as Silver Perch, Golden Perch, Australian Bass and crustaceans such as Yabbies and Shrimps are the main species under production.

Aquablue is a private Australian Company that specializes in the hatchery production of Native Australian Fish both freshwater and marine.

We also supply premium table fish to exclusive restaurants and shops.

This website gives you an insight into one of Australia's most modern and technically advanced aquaculture operations. Designed to the highest standards, this environmentally sustainable aquaculture operation is supplying fish to restock the rivers, lakes and dams of NSW, Australia, as well as private dams and ponds.

We also in the process of growing a wide range of fish for the Aquarium trade.

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Listen to our Podcasts on ABC Radio's "The Big Fish" ... click on the play buttons below to hear Aquablue's principal Neil Merrick discussing aquaculture on this very popular radio show:

The Big Fish 9/5/09

The Big Fish 16/5/09

The Big Fish 23/5/09

You will need Quicktime Player to access these podcasts ... if you don't have it, click here for a free download.

The 2014 Australian bass breeding season was another great success and we still have good stocks of Bass available.

Order soon as well sell out fast 

Great new! Golden Perch, bread well, in the hatchery Golden Perch Fingerlings available mid March 2014

The Aquablue Aquarium is completed and open to the public.
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Aquablue Seafoods wins accreditation from NSW DPI HQAS. Aquablue Seafoods has been accredited under the new Hatchery Quality Assurance Scheme that is managed by NSW DPI Fisheries.
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Freshwater Mussels are now available Stock your fish tank, pond or dam with these biological filters and keep your water clean.
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