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Glass shrimp

Glass shrimpThe Glass Shrimp (Paratya australiensis) is the most widespread and common freshwater shrimp in eastern Australia. Glass shrimp are tiny prawn shaped animals that are the base food source for most fish species. They do not grow large - only 45 mm long head to tail, they do not have any nippers and are transparent in colour.

These shrimp live in both fresh and salt water and are an important food source for most fishes and other animals. Just about everything eats these shrimp and they are an important addition to any new farm dam to create a base food source for your fish. It is essential you stock new dams with shrimp if you want to stock these dams with native fish such as bass, silvers or golden perch.

Glass shrimp are prolific breeders, breeding all year round. Eggs are held by the female under the tail similar to a yabby. The female nurtures and protects the eggs till they hatch; when they hatch they are planktonic animals that drift in the water column until they grow and moult into miniature glass shrimp. Shrimp breed by the millions, just 200 breeders released into a new farm dam is enough to start the process and that dam will always have shrimp as a food source for your fish.

Glass shrimp are highly fecund, fast growing and highly nutritious. Shrimp are an essential addition to any farm dam.

glass shrimp

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