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Pacific blue eyes

Pacific blue eyesPacific Blue eyes are a small native fish with a clear, semi transparent body with a silvery white abdominal cavity. They have a large eye with a bright fluorescent blue iris. It is this bright blue eye from which they get their name. They also have colouration in their fins, usually a light yellow, red or blue tinge that becomes especially pronounced with the males in the breeding season.

They are a native species occurring along the eastern seaboard of NSW and Queensland and are generally found in the clear flowing freshwater streams as well as in the saltwater mangroves.

They are a very robust, hardy species and are used for mosquito control in ponds and dams. They are preferred by many people as they do not eat baby yabbies or tadpoles, so they are frog friendly for those people that want frog ponds in their gardens but no mosquitoes in their ponds. Both Pacific blue eyes and Australian smelts are fantastic predators of mosquito larvae, both are tadpole and frog friendly and both go well together in a pond, dam or wetland.

Pacific blue eyes are a very tasty fish that most predators will readily eat, so always stock a few more than you need into a pond. They do breed readily in most ponds and dams so will hopefully breed faster than the birds and turtles can eat them.

If you want to keep them in an aquarium with other fish they are compatible. They are reasonably friendly and do not attack other species like goldfish or eat their tails. They are easily fed on any of the standard fish foods, so make a great addition to any aquarium.

Pacific blue 

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