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Silver perchMixed Stocking Information

Silver perch are a great fish in that they can be stocked with a variety of other species. Most people would stock a large dam over 1 megalitre with at least two species. The bigger the dam the more species you can have together. There are no major problems with mixed stockings. Silvers are good with everything and go well with Australian Bass, Golden Perch (Yellowbelly) and Catfish. Silvers can utilise the other food resources that these fish are not eating such as the weeds and algae so it has little impact on the other species.

When doing a mixed stocking you would usually do it 50/50. So for example a 1 megalitre dam could be stocked with 100 silvers and 100 yellowbelly. In smaller dams you generally have Yellowbelly and silvers but larger dams you can have bass and silvers.

Just be warned that predatory fish such as bass and Yellowbelly will eat their own and silver perch fingerlings when you restock. Restocking a dam with large predatory fish such as Bass or Yellowbelly just means that you should stock with 50% more to make up for any losses that may occur.

Silver perch

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